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MEME: Top 10 Led Zeppelin songs [26 Oct 2010|10:42pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello! I've recently been introduced to the amazingness that is Led Zeppelin, after being coerced into writing an article for the this 70's band that is still held in high esteem even now. Last night, I read through the entire Wiki page in one go after listening to Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven and a few others, and I was surprised that they were... this famous.

I mean, I knew they were famous, but I never really comprehended just how famous until I read about their achievements. *__* So, I'm hosting a discussion meme in my journal to know what the masses think of Led Zeppelin. Are they really the greatest rock band of all time? Or is their music just overrated? Or are they old and washed out, soon to be replaced by contemporary talents, and the in-your-face attitude of the wannabe rockette?

What I will tell you, though, is that I love that flamboyant, long-haired look the members had going on, so have a picture:

The good ol' 70's

And another one:

Almost four decades later

Now onward to the meme! Take a look at the MEME right here and share your thoughts!

Signing off,


[25 Aug 2009|01:09pm]

I am selling two tickets to this years Sunset Strip Music festival [full line up here] ft acts such as Korn, Chris Cornell, Fishbone, The Donnas and more. Here in LA.

The tickets are for the saturday 12, 2009 lineup and I'm asking $75 for both. I paid $88 with ticketmaster.

if you're interested then please contact me via PM or takentodayokay@yahoo.com

[06 Aug 2009|11:02pm]


Wild 061 - Nosens - The Final Step
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02. Nausea
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05. N.W.O
06. Haarp

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[23 Jul 2009|02:22am]

[ mood | good ]

hey... I'm new on this.. what can you recommend me to do first in this community????


[20 Jul 2009|01:28pm]

has anyone else heard the new song by Colbie Caillat? it's called "falling for you" and its so cute. i loved her last album soooo much and i'm really looking forward to the new one, especially after hearing her new song. her album comes out aug 25th. cant waitt.

watch the new video here: "falling for you" video

check her out on myspace and twitter

[17 Jul 2009|06:28pm]

anybody here into the White Rabbits?

theyre' one of my fav bands right now. i've been hooked on "percussion gun" since the first time I heard it.

they have a really cool photo hunt game set up, you should check it out

play it here then add them on myspace

The Sounds! [17 Jul 2009|12:40pm]


I'm obsessed with The Sounds, am I the only one here? Theyre an awesome band from Sweden and the lead singer Maja is probably the coolest girl alive, what a babe! They all dress so well and their music is so fun. Its always stuck in my head.

Their new album "Crossing the Rubicon" is amazing, even better than their last two! "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake" has a music video and I love Maja's outfit in this.

Watch this interview and then add them on Myspace


[16 Jul 2009|04:12pm]

The day is finally here! Watch the music video exclusively today at www.mtvmusic.com Open today, open yes, open your mind, open life, OPEN HAPPINESS!!!

Also, Check out pictures from the video shoot here! | Make sure you're following Open Happiness on Twitter for constant updates.

Open Happiness Sneek Peek! [15 Jul 2009|01:03pm]

The day is almost here! Catch the worldwide premiere and ‘making of’ video on MTV at 8:30 am EST tomorrow. Come back to www.myspace.com/openhappiness and let us know your thoughts. For a sneak peek of what’s to come, check out the MTV preview now.

Open Happiness Sneak Peek

Also, Check out pictures from the video shoot here! | Make sure you're following Open Happiness on Twitter for constant updates.

[09 Jul 2009|02:57pm]

anybody on here into The Sounds?

they did an interview with shockhound recently. i have such a crush on the singer maja. shes gorgeous and seems like such a cool girl!

Shockhound interview

i'd love to hang out with her!

check them out on myspace !

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